My new routine

My new routine

I was thinking of writing about my new routine after one year of the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but before I start, I must say that I’m thankful for my family and my friends for staying healthy during the pandemic. And how they are following all scientific instructions to face this virus. Also, my thoughts go out to the people who lost a family member.

As every family, my family’s routine before the pandemic was:

  • Taking my kids to school every weekday morning;
  • Going to the gym to work out;
  • Going  to the office;
  • Picking up my kids from school;
  • Having Lunch with them;
  • Going Back to the office;

My wife hadn’t worked  since we came to Florianópolis, so the routine above was our family’s routine for 3 years. During this period she cooked for us on weekdays, took our kids to sports or other activities. However, In January 2020, she decided to go back to work, and she needed to go to the office three times a week. So, it was the first change in our routine. At least twice a week I stayed home with my kids and I took them to sports in the afternoon.

In March 2020, when the Mayor of Florianópolis declared quarantine, our routine changed 180 degrees. My wife and I started working from home full time, and our kids’ school was really fast to set up the virtual environment and start the classes. At  the beginning of this new routine everything was really difficult. The classes schedule changed, and they became  more flexible, my wife was working more than before, and I was trying to work around everyone. So you can imagine how hard it was to concentrate due to the noise and with everyone interrupting me when I started my work.

Despite that, we created a new routine that worked for us quite quickly and to our surprise, we could handle everything well. However, my wife was overloaded  with work  and cooking for us. I confess that I was never interested in learning, and I'm ashamed of that. Unfortunately,  a health crisis was necessary for me to change my mind. My wife and I decided that I would be responsible for cooking three days of the week, and she was responsible for the remaining of the  days. It was the best decision for our family. It really helped me understand I was lazy and even how stupid I was for not cooking and how I couldn’t help more with our routine at home before.

And month by month I was enjoying my new routine more and more. Suddenly, I realized I was cooking almost all meals for our family. But the big change in my routine happened in December. My wife started a new job in her area, which is health, she is a speech language therapist, and she loves working in a hospital. I gave her full  support for her to work in a hospital again, and I thought   it  was my turn  to be responsible for our family routine. Therefore, since December my wife works at the hospital, and I’m working from home. In this new scenario, I became responsible for preparing  breakfast and lunch every day.

I became more acquainted with my kids’ school work and routine, I was participating alone in school meetings, I  took  my kids to the doctor or sports, I played with them in the morning when they had a pause between the classes. This routine continues until today, and it is our new “normal”.

Finally, today I understand that this “new” routine is much better than our old routine. Today I wake up in the morning thinking “What will I make  for lunch?” :)

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